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Wedding Planning Tips with Mindy Weiss

Wedding Planning Tips with Mindy Weiss

When planning your dream wedding, everything has to be perfect. We asked Celebrity Wedding Planner Mindy Weiss for her expert advice to help make the process as seamless as possible. Here are Mindy’s top 5 tips every bride should know when planning the big day.

1. Budget

Ah, the dreaded budget discussion. Start by talking to friends that have gotten married recently and find out what they thought was worth splurging on and what they could have easily gone without. It is extremely important that the budget is discussed and agreed upon BEFORE the venue, caterer, and vendors are booked.

2. Take Notes

Take a notebook around everywhere with you. Ask questions, write down ideas, take the creative reigns, and be observant! Details are everything, so be thorough with your expectations and your ideas.

3. Food

Never take a shot in the dark with your wedding food! Notice the quality, the presentation, and taste. Also notice the attentiveness of the staff who is serving you and consistencies in presentation.

4. Wedding Music

If you are having a DJ or a band perform, make sure you book in advance. The hunt for the perfect band should take place long before your wedding. Hire a band that works together regularly for a seamless performance. Also ensure that your contract includes every detail from song list to band size.

5. Flowers

This is going to be a massive part of your wedding budget. Similar to hair and makeup, always take pictures with you of what you have in mind. Communication is everything. Have photos of wedding flower arrangements, make Pinterest boards and mood boards, and have a vision and color forecast ready to go.


Q&A With Mindy

Q: What is the best season to get married?
A: Winter. There are more ways to mix it up! Summer weddings happen a lot more frequently, and I advise doing something different to switch it up.

Q: What are the top wedding destinations?
A: We have been seeing a lot of at-home weddings this past year and they are great! Any place that has significance to the family helps the guests to feel closer to the couple and helps everyone to get to know both sides of the family a little bit better.

Q: Any other advice you have?
A: In regards to bridal and bridesmaid makeup, neutrals are always a safe bet. If you want to make things a little more exciting, choose only one part of your look to stand out (i.e. strong eye and nude lip, or strong lip and light eye). Save the wild makeup for the bachelorette party.

Q:What is your favorite celebrity wedding you've coordinated?
A: They are all my favorites!




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