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Hangover Beauty 101: How to Party Hard & Look Flawless

Hangover Beauty 101: How to Party Hard & Look Flawless

As we head into the Fancy Party months (aka Open-Bar Season), you may find yourself waking up with dull, dehydrated skin (hey, no judgment!). Arm yourself with these well-tested tips for faking teetotaler skin even when you feel like death warmed over. 

First Things First

Alcohol seeps through pores overnight, so you’re basically marinating in a pungent film of sweat and tequila. Yay! Showering is non-negotiable, Margaritaville. No matter how complicated it sounds. And make sure to get rid of that tell-tale NYE smokey eye while you’re in there! 


Hangover Replenishing Primer contains coconut water, probiotic-based ingredients, and skin revivers to replenish moisture levels (just like the sports drinks and Whole Foods concoctions you should probably be drinking right about now). It smells like a tropical milkshake, makes skin look red-carpet-dewy, and creates a smooth, long-lasting surface for makeup.

To even skin tone and camouflage redness, skincare meets makeup in Tinted Beauty Balm: a brightening multi-benefit formula that provides tinted, sheer coverage to prime, protect, and perfect.

For the sensitive under-eye area, Primed & Poreless Pure is a great way to keep concealer in place, while the silicone-based formula glides on and hides any dehydrated texture issues.

Finally, treat yourself to the anti-inflammatory powers of antioxidant-rich cocoa powder! Bonus: the cocoa scent is a natural mood-enhancer (which—let’s face it—you could probably use right about now).


Tip: Use eye drops for bright, white eyeballs that say “What open bar?”

The universally-flattering, bestselling Natural Eyes Shadow Collection contains everything you need to fool the world into believing you got your full eight. 

With a short-bristled brush, smudge Cashmere Bunny along your lower lash line; this will camouflage any remaining puffiness by making the area appear to recede. Apply Silk Teddy to the inner corners of the eye to neutralize those dark shadows and brighten up your tear ducts.

Fill in your lower waterline with Bulletproof 24-Hour Eyeliner in White Lie. This will make eyes appear wide awake and, more importantly, conceal those telltale red rims that scream “late night!” 

Finish with 3 coats of Better Than Sex Mascara—the collagen-fueled, high-pigment formula will make your eyes look brighter, while the extreme length and volume opens up the eye.

You’re all set to brave the world (but don’t forget the aspirin)!


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