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Glitter Bomb Inspiration

Glitter Bomb Inspiration

Early in Too Faced Founder Jerrod Blandino’s career, he was at the cosmetics lab and saw amazing vessels of glitter that he wanted to have pressed into an eye shadow. The woman working at the lab said it couldn’t be done. Jerrod asked why not and the lab worker explained how binders worked. “So I told her to just add more binders!” He succeeded, and the world’s first glitter eye shadow was born. 

Now, it’s your turn to step into your very own makeup lab and glitter like you mean it with our new prismatic Glitter Bomb Eye Shadow Palette for limitless looks. Use the 8 micro-fine shimmery sparkle shades and 2 color-shifting bases to take your look from subtle glimmer to bold intensity for maximum playfulness and creativity.  With 4 different ways to wear each shadow, you can create your dream glitter wardrobe, so who says you can’t wear glitter to breakfast… and everywhere else? 

Get ready for the color explosion coming to Too Faced on 6/15 and see Jerrod’s inspiration and tips for the palette below:  

Jerrod’s Tip: Apply the brightening white base to the inner corner of your lid and the intensifying black base to the outside of your lid, then layer your glitters on top for a multi-dimensional, gorgeous glitter effect.


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