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Change Your Jeans, Change Your Bronzer, Change Your Look

Change Your Jeans, Change Your Bronzer, Change Your Look

There's nothing more integral to your beauty and fashion routine than bronzers and jeans. Like a denim wardrobe, every girl should have a bronzer wardrobe—it’s a beauty accessory that’s a style necessity! Change your bronzer as often as you change your jeans for a super chic, naturally glowing look from sexy at cocktail hour to casual at the flea market.

Too Faced has the largest and best bronzing assortment in the biz. We have beautiful, good-for-you bronzers in every finish, for every season, and any occasion—perfect for building a bronzing wardrobe to complement your denim wardrobe for every mood and moment! We’re so in love with this pairing idea that we partnered with our friends at Hudson Jeans to coordinate the ultimate bronzer denim wardrobe. With the help of one of our favorite fashion and beauty bloggers, Andee Layne of The Honeybee we created seven different Too Faced bronzer and Hudson denim looks for seven different occasions.

One lucky girl will win all eight Too Faced Bronzers and seven perfect pairs of Hudson Jeans! 


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