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Beauty Confessional with Jillian Barberie

Beauty Confessional with Jillian Barberie

Television host Jillian Barberie is and always will be the original Too Faced girl. She has been friends with Too Faced Co-Founder and Creative Director Jerrod Blandino for over twenty years, and she was one of the original women who inspired him when creating Too Faced. She’s strong, independent, powerful, and she owns her pretty. In this exclusive beauty confessional, Jillian shares her makeup secrets and her love for makeup.

My very first makeup experience was putting on my mother’s red lipstick at 6 yrs old.

If I was allowed one beauty product while stranded on a deserted island it would be beauty balm for the coverage and SPF.

My go-to party look is boudoir smokey eyes and nude lips.

The craziest makeup trend I ever followed was bight teal eyeliner and shadow (hey, it was the 80’s)!

Bold eyes or bold lips? Always eyes. But, when I do a sharp red lip I do light eyes.

My style icon is Sharon Tate and Raquel Welch.

I carry tinted moisturizer and Lip Injection Color Bomb! in my purse at all times.

I feel my prettiest when I have a bit of bronzer on.

A beauty secret I’m willing to share: Contouring will change your life and make you drop 10 pounds in 10 seconds.

My favorite beauty trait about myself is my mole on my cheek.

The look I’m obsessed with right now is bight lips for spring!!!

Right now I’m owning my ­­natural look! #ownyourpretty


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