Black Tote

Black Tote

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Our shiny, black tote holds all your makeup must-haves and more. 

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    • Our delightfully designed, reusable black tote can be used to hold all of your beauty possessions.
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  • Overall
    4/5 stars

    Thought it would be bigger when I ordered it, to be honest, but it is a very cute bag that will obviously last, and in case anyone was wondering, it is about the size of an average brown paper lunch bag :)

  • Overall
    2/5 stars

    Um well this picture really did fool me. I thought it would have been the size of your average reusable tote. NOPE it's the size of a small lunch bag. Still very cute though.

  • Overall
    3/5 stars

    I really like this tote bag from Too Faced. It's sleek and the beautiful Too Faced brand name is printed delicately in pink. I was expecting this to be a bit bigger though, I won't lie. I am still happy with my purchase but in the future I hope Too Faced will start putting the dimensions of certain items such as makeup bags so that the customers know before they buy.

  • Overall
    4/5 stars

    Very cute bag, a bit smaller than I expected but great for travel and organizing your overflowing makeup table!

  • Overall
    5/5 stars

    This bag is adorable. Before I purchased it I was most curious to know it's size. After ordering it and receiving it I've learned that it is the average size of a brown paper lunch bag. It is composed of thick shiny plastic and feels like it will last. I'm very happy with my purchase.